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NYPD Cops Rush & Pile On Innocent Man Just Getting Off Of Work

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An innocent man was harassed and piled on for no reason by the NYPD. This video serves as a great example of the need for a Black exodus to the motherland. Hosted by Phillip Scott Forward Us News Stories news@africandiasporanews.org Join Our Website For News Not Shown On YouTube https://africandiasporanews.org Support Us By Becoming A YouTube Channel Member https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY6VB6PidbvVZFwyVmUcvEg/join Support Us On Patreon For A Minimum Of $2 Per Month. https://patreon.com/AfricanDiasporaNews Purchase Tubebuddy To Help Grow Your Channel https://www.tubebuddy.com/AfricanDiasporaNews Send Money Orders To 2323 Clear Lake City Blvd. Suite 180 Box 133 Houston,Tx 77062 Paypal https://paypal.me/AdviseMediaNetwork Cash App https://cash.app/$AfricanDiasporaNews Order...
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